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Pennsylvania clarifies what's whole milk

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 20, 2020
Pennsylvania Bureau of Food Safety issued a guidance memo clarifying Food and Drug Administration requirements and highlighting the opportunity to label Whole Milk as 3.25 percent fat.
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Whole Milk has traditionally been labeled as such because it is unaltered from the cow before processing, no fat has been removed from the naturally occurring average of 3.5 percent it is whole.

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Unaltered or non-reduced fat milk can contain anywhere from 3.25 to 18 percent milkfat; the Food and Drug Administration requires labels to be accurate as to what is contained.

Processors interested in rebranding their Whole Milk with actual percentage of fat will need to reevaluate their milkfat percentage closely to ensure it is accurately reflected on the label.

The Pennsylvania Farm Bill's Pennsylvania Dairy Investment Program (PDIP) has made available funds for marketing and promotion campaigns for Pennsylvania dairy.

To date, $828,956 has been awarded for 11 state-specific marketing campaigns through PDIP.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority has made available a total of $10 million in grants through PDIP for value added processing, research and development, organic transition assistance, and marketing and promotion.

Processors interested in making labeling changes should contact the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services to make sure potential changes do not conflict with federal labeling regulations.