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Panama rejects shipment of Spanish purple onions due to mites

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 8, 2020
Panama's Food Authority (Aupsa) rejected the entry into Panama of about 162,000 purple onions from Spain after a plague of live and high-risk parasites for ornamental plants, which is scientifically known as Rhizoplyhus spp and commonly known as bulb mites, was detected in this shipment.
Spanish purple onions
Food in Panama   Spanish purple onions
After the Panamanian phytosanitary service confirmed the presence of the plague, the authority determined to return all of the shipment to its country of origin.

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Raul Saucedo, the administrator of the Aupsa, said that the institution had been continuously threatened by this type of invasion in December. “We are a security institution, not a fumigation company. Those who bring food to Panama should be aware that fumigating their products is a rule that cannot be avoided,” said Saucedo.