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Agrifish: Page 535

Higher concentration of zinc improves cattle industry profits
CattleApril 21, 2016 ET
Feeding concentrations of zinc that are higher than recommende can help improve the growth of finishing cattle, a finding that could lead to more profits for the industry.
Many British farms not viable without EU support
British farmApril 21, 2016 ET
Farming, more than any other industry in Britain, is arguably the sector most affected by membership of the EU.
Commissioner Peace: Africa must invest in agriculture
Africa farmerApril 21, 2016 ET
The only way Africa can deliver tangible results in agriculture is to mobilise its own human and financial resources and invest more in the sector.
NFU pleased to see European milk approval
EU milk NFUApril 20, 2016 ET
The European Council has given its approval to a regulation aimed at promoting the consumption of milk, fruit and vegetables in schools.
Florida citrus growers: 80% of trees infected by greening
Ccitrus greeningApril 20, 2016 ET
Florida's citrus growers say as much as 90 percent of their acreage and 80 percent of their trees are infected by the deadly greening disease.
90% of consumers who buy less pork have not cut back consciously
PorkApril 20, 2016 ET
Around 90 percent of consumers who are buying less pork have not cut back consciously, according to initial research into why consumption has been falling in recent months.
Scottish farm rents rises three percent
Scotland farmApril 20, 2016 ET
The average cost of renting agricultural land has risen three percent since last year, new figures show.
Copa Cogeca: EU measures will bring black spot to Europe
Black spotApril 20, 2016 ET
Copa Cogeca has described an EU Committee agreement to weaken import controls to prevent black spot disease in citrus fruit coming into Europe when number of outbreaks is rising as "unacceptable".
Falklands reports poor catches of squid this season
Squid fisheryApril 20, 2016 ET
Falkland Islands authorities have confirmed that Illex squid capture has been particularly low this fishing season.
Farmers without BPS by end of April will get 50% bridging payments
UK farmApril 20, 2016 ET
Farmers in England who have not received their Basic Payment Scheme payment by the end of April will receive 50 percent bridging payments.
U.S.: High number of imported seafood shipment rejections
OysterApril 19, 2016 ET
A new USDA analysis of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) reveals that from 2005 to 2013 the FDA rejected nearly 18,000 imported seafood shipments because they were unfit for human consumption.
Lack of rains increases losses of second corn crop in Brazil
Brazil droughtApril 19, 2016 ET
The lack of rains in the Brazilian state of Goiás has already generated losses of 30 percent of the crop in municipalities such as Rio Verde and Jataí.