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Number of examined pig and cattle slaughterings decreased in Austria in 2019

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 14, 2020
In 2019, the number of examined slaughterings in Austria declined in most of the observed categories.
Austria cattle
Pigs in Austria   Austria cattle
According to Statistics Austria, the number of examined slaughterings of pigs decreased below 5.1 million ( 1.2%), those of cattle sunk to 625 000 ( 2.1%), those of calves to 55 100 ( 0.2%) and those of horses (as well as other equids) to 564 ( 8.7%).

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On the other hand, increases were recorded for the number of slaughtered sheep (+12.6% to 173 000) and goats (+24.0% to 13 300; see table).

At regional level, Upper Austria reported the highest share of examined slaughterings concerning cattle (33.2%) and calves (23.1%), as well as horses and other equids (40.8%).

However, the most examined pig slaughterings (39.1%) took place in Styria, whereas Lower Austria was leading in examined sheep slaughterings (41.5%) and Tyrol in goat slaughterings (26.1%).