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Norway's second-largest export threatened by deadly virus

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Staff Writer | October 25, 2016
After oil and gas, Norway's leading export is farmed fish. However, the outbreak of a deadly salmon virus may lead to the death of millions of fish.
Salmon anemia
Fish   Financial Supervisory Authority is worried
It caused substantial losses for Norway's prized aquaculture sector, which harvests billions of dollars in annual revenues.

Norway's Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) is worried by yet another outbreak of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) in Nordland County, northern Norway, the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK reported.

ISA is a fatal viral disease that affects salmon, and currently lacks effective treatment. Suspicions of ISA may lead to large amounts of salmon getting slaughtered to prevent the further spread of the highly contagious disease.

The diseased fish develop pale gills, and may swim close to the water's surface, gulping for air. In the worst cases, mortality rates may approach 100 percent.