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New rules in England to protect water quality will apply to all farmers

Staff Writer | February 15, 2018
From April 2, 2018 a new set of Farming Rules for Water will be introduced to help protect water quality by standardising good farm practices, many of which are already being performed.
UK farm water
Britain   From April 2
The aim is to help protect water quality and also save farmers money by the efficient use of fertilisers and soil management.

The rules require farmers to keep soil on the land; match nutrients to crop and soil needs, and keep livestock fertilisers and manures out of the water.

These new rules will apply to all farmers in England, and have similarities to the rules that are already in place in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones.

However, farmers will also be required to test their soils at least every five years in order to plan what nutrients each specific field requires to meet crop needs.

The aim is to ensure fertilisers are effectively used, which will save money in the long run but also reduce the risk of run-off into watercourses.