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New roadmap for sustainable shrimp production

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 2, 2020
New guidelines that aim to ensure better social and environmental practices in global farmed shrimp supply chains have been published by WWF.
New roadmap   Shrimp
The organisation’s Blueprint for future-proofing shrimp supply chains is a challenge to businesses that buy, sell, produce, or benefit from farmed shrimp to achieve the following by 2025:

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Ensure the traceability of their farmed shrimp and the feed ingredients used in the production of those shrimp.

Do not convert natural ecosystems post-1999 levels.

Achieve a 30 percent decrease in the use of natural resources required to produce both the shrimp and their feed.

Secure human and labour rights throughout the value chain.

Instigate transparent reporting to track progress toward these goals.

“We have passed the stage of a learning curve on these topics. It is now time for the industry to demonstrate results,” said Aaron McNevin, vice president of aquaculture, WWF.