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New diagnostic method detects Atlantic salmon disease

Staff Writer | December 2, 2016
Scientists from the University of Glasgow have discovered a simple test to help the diagnosis of a significant disease which affects Atlantic salmon.
Atlantic salmon
Fish health   A major change in the proteins
The study, Journal of Fish Diseases, includes the findings of the university which has been working with BioMar and Marine Harvest.

It includes data showing that a simple measurement procedure could be used to detect Atlantic salmon infected with salmonid alpha virus which causes Pancreas Disease.

David Eckersall, professor of veterinary biochemistry, said: “The serendipitous discovery of the SPR has allowed a potentially powerful diagnostic test to be developed that could have significant applications in the future.”

He added: “This collaborative study, funded by a BBSRC CASE PhD studentship for our colleague Mark Braceland and supported by the aquaculture industry, has made a major contribution to the health and welfare of salmon.”

“If this SPR test can be applied to other diseases and species of fish then the benefit will be even greater. This is an excellent example of the benefit of academia-industry links supported by the BBSRC CASE studentship scheme.”

Researchers found that salmon with Pancreas Disease had a major change in the proteins present in the blood, and further to that, that these protein changes could be detected using a simple procedure.