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Nearly one million people support campaign to keep controversial U.S. food products off UK shelves

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 15, 2020
Almost one million people have signed a petition calling on the Government to protect British food standards from inferior foreign imports such as chlorine washed chicken.
Chlorine chicken
Petition   Chlorine chicken
The Mail on Sunday's campaign to keep controversial U.S. food products off UK supermarket shelves has given fresh impetus to the plea by the National Farmers' Union.

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Minette Batters, president of the NFU, said: 'I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the response. It shows the strength of feeling that people have about what is going in to their fridges and ovens.

'As well as the petition, we are aware of 80,000 emails which have been sent to MPs. It shows it is not just farmers who are worried about this trade deal, it's people from all walks of life who care about their food, protecting the countryside and standing up for rural Britain.'

The petition demands that the Government 'ensure that all food eaten in the UK is produced in a way that matches the high standards of production expected of UK farmers'.