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Nationwide emergency declared in Lithuania over drought

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 4, 2019
The Lithuanian government declared a nationwide emergency over the ongoing drought, stating that it will have major effect on farmers' income.
Drought in Lithuania
European businesses   Drought in Lithuania
"A state-wide emergency is declared if the effect of the drought is exceeding the territories of three municipalities. Currently, crisis-drought has affected four areas, but the consequences are felt in the majority of Lithuania's territory," the Ministry of Agriculture said in its press release.

According to the ministry, the damage made by the prolonged drought can be fully assessed only after harvesting, yet it is already certain that it will have a major negative effect on crops.

It is preliminary estimated that the harvest of summer crops might shrink by about 40 percent and more, as regards some specific crops as wheat, rye, rapeseed, and buckwheat.

When emergency declared, farmers who have lost their crops can avoid European Commission's sanctions for failing to fulfill their obligations in connection to the EU subsidies.