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Namibia's dairy industry faces collapse due to drought

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 13, 2020
Namibia's dairy industry faces collapse as milk production has fallen 9 percent since 2018, an official said, blaming an ongoing drought.
Namibia cow
Food in Namibia   Namibia cow
"This industry is in a huge crisis due to the continuing drought in some parts of Namibia and the accompanying poor economic situation in the country to such an extent that some of the farmers are exiting the industry," Namibia Dairies managing director Gunther Ling said.

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The managing director said milk production fell from 28 million liters in 2018 to 21 million liters in 2019.

"Milk production is decreasing in most dairy producing regions because of unaffordable feed costs," Ling said. "Farmers are selling some of their milk cows and this is affecting the supply of raw milk."