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Mystery seeds from China sent to people in France

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 1, 2020
At the end of July, in the United States and Canada, bags of seeds from China and other Asian countries were received by individuals who had not ordered them. People living in France have just reported identical situations.
Mystery seeds from China
France   Mystery seeds
The UK also faces a similar problem, as does Israel.

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"These seeds of unknown origin may be vectors of diseases not present on French territory or turn out to be invasive plants. This is why it is essential not to lose them. "Therefore, if you receive unsolicited seed packets, you are asked to place them in a plastic bag and dispose of this tightly sealed bag in your household garbage so that the seeds can be destroyed, " the French ministry for agriculture and food said.

"Before discarding them, it is requested, if possible, for investigative purposes, to send photos of the dispatch slips of the packaging and sachets containing the seeds to the National Veterinary and Phytosanitary Investigations Brigade of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food:

"In the event of contact with the seeds, it is also recommended to wash your hands well and, if necessary, to disinfect any object that has been in contact with them. For any further information, you can contact the Regional Food Service of your DRAAF," the ministry said.