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Minnesota: Disaster Loan Program available at MDA Farmfest booth

Staff Writer | August 4, 2018
Minnesota farmers have faced many pressures this growing season, from flooding to continued low commodity prices and trade difficulties.
Minnesota farmer
America   Help is out there
Help is out there, and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is featuring several programs to assist farmers at Farmfest 2018.

Those that stop at the MDA booth will find information on the Disaster Loan Program which can help farmers in the southwest region and around the state who were affected by spring and summer flooding.

Farm Advocates can provide resources for those facing financial crisis.

Stop by the MDA’s Booth #305-S for information on:

Disaster Recovery Loan Program

A low-interest loan program to cover expenses not covered by insurance. The funds can be used to help clean up, repair, or replace farm structures and septic and water systems, as well as replace seed, other crop inputs, feed, and livestock, when damaged by high winds, hail, tornado, floods or excessive rainfall.

Farm Advocates

Farm Advocates provide one-on-one assistance for Minnesota farmers who face crisis caused by either a natural disaster or financial problems. They are trained and experienced in agricultural lending practices, mediation, farm programs, disaster programs and crisis counseling.

Rural Finance Authority low interest loan programs

The RFA partners with local lenders to provide affordable credit to eligible farmers.

Farm Business Management courses

This year at Farmfest the MDA is partnering with the Centers of Excellence in Agriculture to promote Minnesota State Farm Business Management Programs for farm owners and operators or persons interested in farming.