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Milk powder is not unhealthy, says Moroccans Ministry

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Staff Writer | June 15, 2018
Following an uproar among Moroccans condemning the alleged use of powder milk to make milk, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has said that the use of powdered milk to produce any kind of food “does not represent any health issue.”
milk powder
Africa   Moroccan law has criminalizes some use of milk powder
According to the ministry, powdered milk and dairy products are regularly imported into Morocco by agribusiness operators and are used in the manufacture of various products, including chocolate, biscuits, confections, and melted cheese.

The statement added that by the end of May 2018, imports of milk powder and powdered milk preparations stood at 14,700 tonnes.

According to the ministry, milk powder is even used in the manufacture of pasteurized milk and UHT milk.

Moroccan law has banned and even criminalizes the use of milk powder in fresh and pasteurized milk, but allows milk powder to be used in making UHT milk, biscuits, and yoghurt.

In recent months, Copag has been suspected of using powdered milk in its dairy products.

Critics have also accused Copag of taking advantage of the boycott of the dairy company Centrale Danone, to increase its sales using synthetic, rather than fresh, milk to produce its dairy products.