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Mexican avocado in China has grown by 300% a year since 2013

Staff Writer | August 26, 2016
Alejandro Salas, the counsellor of ProMexico in Shanghai, said that Mexico planned to increase its exports to China by 10 percent within six years.
Mexican avocado
Food trade   Middle class in China is growing in number
Salas noted that avocado sales to that nation had had a nearly 300 percent annual growth since 2013.

He said the Chinese market presented great opportunities for Mexico, especially in the food and beverage sector, which had great potential.

For example, he said, "70 percent of the Chinese society will belong to the middle class by the year 2024, and the country has a trend of consuming fresh foods, specifically fruits and vegetables, of which Mexico is a major player," he said.

The export of Mexican avocados from Michoacan has had solid success in China as, according to Salas, not only have they registered growth since 2013 but also because Mexican avocados account for 9 out of every 10 avocados sold in China.

Currently, the country is negotiating several phytosanitary protocols so that more fresh products can access the Chinese market, including white corn and avocado from Jalisco, among others, he said.