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'Looks fishy? Don’t risk it' UK campaign targets illegal sale

Staff writer ▼ | April 18, 2016
Buying fish through illegitimate sources damages the fishing industry, fish stocks and the long term future of the marine environment.
Old fish
The fishing industry   The Registration of Buyers and Sellers (RBS) Scheme 2005
This is the message being delivered as part of a new campaign by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), which is appealing for the public to anonymously report potentially illegal sale of fish to Crime Stoppers.

The campaign was launched on April 11, 2016 at an event attended by representatives of the fishing industry including the National Federation of Fisheries Organisation (NFFO), the Angling Trust and the Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authorities (IFCAs).

The campaign is designed to promote adherence to the registered buyers and sellers scheme and to encourage the public to report any suspicions of illegal activity.

Under the Registration of Buyers and Sellers (RBS) Scheme 2005, enforced by the MMO, only small quantities of fish can be purchased for personal consumption direct from a registered and licensed fishing vessel. Fish caught from recreational fishing activities cannot legally be sold and it should not be purchased.

The campaign will see the MMO work to raise awareness of the rules through the media, online and through stakeholder organisations such as the British Hospitality Association, Angling Trust, the IFCAs as well as the NFFO. Information will also be distributed to fish and chip shops across the country through Seafish.