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Lithuania's milk farms going back to investments

Staff Writer | October 18, 2016
The prices received for milk by Lithuania's largest milk farms already allow them to operate at a profit, revise employee salaries and even reopen long-forgotten investment projects.
Lithuania milk
Dairy in Europe   0.3 euros per a liter of milk
The largest farmers are currently paid about 0.3 euros per a liter of milk. Petras Puskunigis, the president of the Association of Lithuanian Agricultural Companies who heads the Griskabudzio agricultural enterprise with 700 dairy cows, says that a boom was felt now after the decline last summer when the company only received 0.17 euros per liter of milk.

"As far as I know, other larger companies receive even higher prices than we do. Of course, our farm and the colleagues I mentioned are among the biggest in Lithuania, however, the overall situation has changed for the better.

"I can even say we received offers from competing buyers to sell milk to them rather than others. It is still difficult to elaborate on the investments, as the duration of the price increase is difficult to predict.

"We analyzing the projects we have started, we may possibly continue some of them," said Puskunigis.