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Kenya beats back desert locust upsurge for now

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 29, 2020
FAO is fighting the second generation of Desert Locusts.
Kenya desert locust
29 counties   Kenya desert locust
FAO made significant progress in a number of countries, especially in Kenya, where only two of the 29 counties that were infested in February have Desert Locusts.

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In the coming days, that will drop to one county, and within three weeks Kenya should be free of large-scale infestations altogether.

That is a success but the threat of possible re infestation towards the end of the year will call for careful and continued surveillance.

Unfortunately, Ethiopia is still infested with a second breeding generation, and also partly re infested by swarms from Kenya.

Ethiopia is also under threat from new swarms arriving from Yemen.

A lot of work has been done in Ethiopia but unfortunately the battle will continue there until the end of the year.

In Somalia we are also making progress, despite security issues, but breeding is expected in the north.

FAO expects summer locust breeding in the Sudan and western Eritrea also.