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Kazakhstan to breed Aberdeen Angus herds

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 17, 2020
Aberdeen’s Lord Provost Barney Crockett has agreed to sell the eggs and sperm of the iconic breed to the Kazakh authorities after meeting the giant Central Asian state’s ambassador, Erlan Idrissov.
Aberdeen Angus
Animals in Kazakhstan   Aberdeen Angus
Crockett said Kazakhstan was looking to expand its existing herd but understood the problems of exporting live cattle such long distances.

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In recent years the northeastern Scottish authority has looked to expand its role on the world stage.

Crockett said: “What they would like is live beasts but there would be problems with that due to regulations on exporting animals and around their welfare.

“We are looking at providing sperm or eggs to help them create their own. Aberdeen Angus is one of the region’s most iconic brands that is known worldwide and the Kazakhs are looking to increase the quality of their beef herd.

“We have a memorandum of understanding and this is just one of the things we are looking at. I think it shows that these agreements have real benefits to the northeast economy.”

Aberdeen’s municipal chiefs are looking for business opportunities in Asia, Africa and South America to boost Aberdeen’s international reputation. The council has emphasised the need to build relationships with non-European countries as Brexit uncertainty continues.