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Kazakhstan to ban livestock exports

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 20, 2020
Kazakhstan will soon ban exports of livestock until April and may later extend the ban in order to protect the domestic market where meat prices have surged, the Central Asian nation's agriculture ministry said today.
Kazakhstan livestock
Food in Kazakhstan   Kazakhstan livestock
Kazakh beef and cattle exports roughly doubled last year, helped by higher global prices against the backdrop of a severe protein shortage in the neighbouring China and growing demand from another neighbour, Uzbekistan.

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Kazakhstan sells very little meat directly to China, as only a handful of local suppliers have the required certificates. But local beef prices jumped 16% last year as producers took advantage of other export opportunities.

A ministry spokeswoman said the government was in the final stages of issuing an order banning livestock exports, whose surge the ministry blamed for creating "the basis for a speculative increase in the prices of meat products".