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Kazakhstan exports 30,000 tons of fish products

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 28, 2020
Kazakhstan exports 30 thousand tons of fish products are exported and 43.5 thousand tons are imported, the press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported.
Kazakhstan fish
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As part of his working trip to the Atyrau region, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin held a meeting on development of fishing industry in Kazakhstan.

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According to the relevant services, the total market of fish and fish products in Kazakhstan is about 66 thousand tons, including 45 thousand tons are fisheries, 7.4 thousand tons are fish farming.

In the medium term, there is a potential to increase the domestic market to 120 thousand tons, which will reduce imports due to the cultivation of trout and Atlantic salmon, while increasing export volumes to world markets, in particular, China, Russia and Europe.

Commercial fishing in Kazakhstan is carried out by over 1 thousand subjects of fisheries. The industry employs 11 thousand people.