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Jordanian tomato growers protest against Government policies

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Staff writer ▼ | January 28, 2016
Jordanian tomato producers dumped their crops in the streets last week as protest against the significantly lower prices.
Jordanian tomato growers
Jordan   Tomato producers dumped their crops in the streets
Local sources said that "some growers blocked the streets after dumping their tomatoes to show their disagreement about the government's policies to deal with this valuable agricultural sector."

The President of the Federation of Growers in the Jordan Valley, Mr Adnan Khaddam, stated that the current agricultural season is "the worst in more than a quarter of a century," because of the climatic conditions that have affected the region, as well as the floods that took place in Jordan early in the winter and the various instances of frost and high winds.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan stressed that the impact of these weather conditions on agricultural crops lies beyond its control.

To make matters worse, Jordanian agricultural exports to a number of countries, like Iraq or Syria, have stopped because of the war, which has led to the deterioration of the agricultural sector in the Kingdom and a collapse of most of the prices of agricultural products.