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Italy, Spain and France meet to talk about garlic

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Staff Writer | March 29, 2017
Prices are increasing for good quality garlic, though the level must be maintained high.
Food   There were only 8 producers in the beginning
This was one of the arguments put forward on 23rd March 2017 in Sulmona during a meeting of the Italy, Spain and France contact group. The event was organised by Consorzio Aglio rosso di Sulmona, led by President Stefania Baldassarre and coordinator Antonio Ricci. Mayor Annamaria Casini also attended to greet guests.

The President explained that the Consortium was established in 2010 to safeguard a product that was losing popularity.

"There were only 8 producers in the beginning, but now there are 71 growers with 110 hectares in total. Each producer has little over one hectare on average and most of the operations are carried out by hand.

"Rosso di Sulmona garlic was in trouble, as other more productive red varieties were preferred and prices were not profitable. Over the past few years, more people chose to cultivate this local variety, increasing productivity and creating more jobs."

Francesco Rastelli from Fedagri Confcooperative illustrated the data regarding Italy. "Between 2013 and 2016, we produced 29,500 tons on 3,300 hectares, a 9% increase in production.

Market prices at origin for processed garlic have increased - last February, we reached €3.19/kg with an increase of almost one Euro between 2014 and 2016. POs sold produce at an average of €2.31-4.24/kg, with an increase of approximately €0.8/kg."

What is more, Italy went from importing 27 thousand tons in 2013 to the 23 thousands of 2016 (€65 million).

Exports also dropped, from 11 thousand tons to 9,185 (€33 to €30 million). A 5-10% increase in production is expected for 2017. In 2016, quality was high, also because of the weather, which helped drying the produce.