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Irish potato exports to Europe and UK may start soon

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Staff Writer | October 26, 2016
There are rumours circulating that a boat is being organised to export Irish potatoes to either the UK or mainland Europe over the coming weeks.
Irish potato
Ireland   Potato acreage in Ireland is actually up 4%
Although an IFA source said that he was not aware of this development, he admitted that such a move would certainly help boost grower prices in the short term.

“There will be a lot of potatoes coming out of the ground over the coming days. And anything that can be done to get this produce off the fresh market will help boost farmer returns.

“There is a general expectation that potato prices will strengthen significantly once the produce sold straight from the field has been put through the system. The futures’ market for potatoes is currently up 20% year-on-year. And this is fuelling expectation that prices will be strong this winter.”

According to the IFA, this year’s potato acreage in Ireland is actually up 4% on 2015, but yields will be down by an average of 5%. The equivalent figures for the UK are plus 4% and minus 15%. Grade 1 Rooster, sold to merchants in one tonne boxes, is selling for between €320/t to €380/t.

“These prices are on a par with what was available this time last year. But there is now every prospect of merchants having to pay significantly more for potatoes coming out of store later in the season,” the source said.