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Interim result before the harvest: Germany lost 60 million euros

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Staff Writer | July 8, 2017
According to Vereinigte Hagel, the overall damage amounts to around 60 Million euros.
Germany farmer
Europe   All kinds of cultivation were affected
That's the interim result shortly before the start of this year's harvest and before the beginning of the month of July, with the most damage.

All kinds of cultivation were affected: classic agriculture with grains, canola, corn, potatoes, pulses, but also fruits, vegetables and wine. The losses were caused by hail, storms, strong rainfalls and frost (esp. for wine and fruits).

The days with the biggest losses so far:

- 30 Mln. EUR – June 22nd, 2017 (cyclone Paul)
- 10 Mln. EUR – May 30th 2017
- 10 Mln. EUR – May 19th 2017

All other days which caused damages amount to overall 10 million euros.

Around five million euros was spent on damage control for strawberries and viticulture.

These damages illustrate once again, how important it is to prepare for weather-related perils.