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Insecticide harmful to bees temporarily allowed in France

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 8, 2020
French MPs have voted through a law allowing temporary use of a controversial insecticide in a bid to help the struggling sugar beet industry.
Bees   Neonicotinoids
The bill was approved by the Assemblée Nationale.

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The vote follows a campaign from French beet farmers, who want to use the insecticides to protect their crops. They say the ban has left their crops vulnerable to jaundice caused by aphids, and some had lost half of this year's crop.

Neonicotinoids are particularly effective in fighting against the problem and the MPs based their decision on an EU rule that an unauthorised substance may be used under certain conditions where there is a danger to production of a crop and the problem cannot be resolved by other 'reasonable means'.

The authorisation is not for spraying of the substances but only for the planting of seeds treated with them.