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India to become world's largest milk producer by 2026

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Staff Writer | July 31, 2017
India will become the world''s largest milk producer over the next decade, with a considerable advantage over the European Union (EU), its closest competitor, today revealed a study released in the capital.
India milk
Dairy   In India cows are considered sacred
In 2016, India produced 160,38 million tons, a figure that will reach 227,8 million tons by 2026, said a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

During that time the number of cows in the country will increase from 122,5 million to 227,78 million.

In India cows are considered sacred by the Hindu majority, so there are many state laws and government actions to protect them.

This remarkable growth is achieved with yields below two tons per head, far below EU or US levels, noted the Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026 report.

Meanwhile, the annual consumption of fresh dairy products is expected to increase from 80,74 kilograms to 106,94 kilograms by 2026.

The research also highlights that wheat production in India will rise to 106,8 million tons, compared to just over 92 million last year.