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India: Locust army moved to Uttar Pradesh

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 1, 2020
After a week of travel in different cities of Madhya Pradesh, the locust swarm moved to Uttar Pradesh via Jhansi.
Locust in India
Swarm   Locust in India
Before reaching Jhansi, the locust army wreaked havoc in over a dozen cities of MP. The pest swarm has harmed newly grown crops in few cities as well.

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The locusts encamped on the trees and plant leaves in the field. The local administration in various MP districts had been trying to kill or shoo away the locusts from the crop by sprinkling pesticides.

The local authorities managed to kill millions of locusts that were harming the crops. And those who survived escaped towards other places like Jhansi in UP.

"We have sprayed pesticide on crops in the night to fend off locust attack. Thankfully, the pests could not damage crops in a big way due to efforts by officials. We have also advised farmers to use various pesticides to prevent damage from locust attack," said CS Thakur, Agriculture officer, Shivpuri district.

The agriculture department officials in MP have taken the help of fire services in spraying the pesticides on plants and leaves.

However, a farmer said that locusts have caused huge damage to crops.

"The locusts have totally destroyed the newly grown crops. We have tried to shoo away the pests by banging utensils, but there was little effect. Agriculture officials have once sprayed pesticides only once," said an MP farmer.