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Humane electric fish stunner improves catch quality

Staff Writer | August 8, 2017
Aquaculture workers can process quality catch more efficiently with a new electric stunner which renders fish unconscious at speed.
fish stunner
Seafood   Humane Stunner Universal
Ace Aquatec’s Humane Stunner Universal (HSU) is nominated for Aqua Nor’s Innovation Award because of its ability to put fish to sleep before they leave the water, decreasing their stress levels and reducing the risk of lowering the quality of catch.

Nathan Pyne-Carter, executive manager director of Ace Aquatec, stated: “We saw that fish farmers had to compromise between efficiency and humane stunning. Our system stuns 100% of the fish, every time. It also stuns them in the seawater – so they are not stressed before they are rendered unconscious.”

Traditional methods of stunning see fish pumped out of the water and stunned by pneumatic, percussive or electric devices.

Issues created by these methods include fish not being properly stunned and becoming stressed, triggering cortisol to release into their body – which in turn lowers quality of the filet.

There is a limit to how many fish it is possible to stun in a given time, added Ace Aquatec, stressing that systems are often mechanical, prone to downtime and require spare parts and repairs.