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Green and organic vegetables in high demand in China

Staff Writer | September 22, 2016
A Chinese population of 1.3 billion means a huge market potential and the awareness of product safety and healthiness is growing.
Organic vegetables
Food in Asia   The yearly growth rate exceeds 30%
Green and organic vegetables are in high demand but short supply. A study illustrated that, last year, the market size for green organic vegetables in China had already increased to 10 billion.

The yearly growth rate exceeds 30%. It is also reported that the market demand for green organic vegetables will increase further over the years as it will replace ordinary vegetables as the mainstream vegetable for daily consumption.

Compared to ordinary vegetables, vegetables of the new kind possess an abundance of superior qualities. Nutrition experts call it 'the best among vegetables'. Abundant China Agriculture's Shuangshejian sprouts, a new brand of healthy vegetables, is the star of the show.

Abundant China Agriculture Shuangshejian sprouts are seedlings produced with the application of new technology from physics and biology.

The production is done by a technology group under the leadership of Zhang Dechun, director of the Chinese Agricultural Technology Institute and awarded with the China Technological Advancement Award.

After many years of research and with the help of research results and technology from Taiwan and Japan, the group invented and patented the Abundant China Agriculture "Smart Germinator" and "Biotic Cultivation Fluid".

With these inventions they put an end to the malpractices that result from chemical cultivation methods. The production efficiency rose to a new high, making 'Shuangshejian' sprouts the champion of the industry.