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Government of Canada invests in new maet opportunities for mushrooms

Staff Writer | September 13, 2017
Canada's Member of Parliament Peter Fragiskatos (London North Centre), on behalf of Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay, announced an investment of up to $265,375 to help Mushrooms Canada.
Peter Fragiskatos
Food production   Blend and Extend
This is to promote and educate Canadian consumers on the nutritional benefits of fresh mushrooms, as well as to conduct a market development assessment of the Japanese market.

Mushrooms Canada's Blend and Extend campaign promotes incorporating mushrooms in meat dishes to bring another serving of vegetables to the plate, add volume to meals, and extend portions. Mushrooms Canada has partnered with beef producers to promote the campaign.

The mushroom industry generates $417 million annually. Canada is among the world's top exporters of mushrooms – totalling over $220 million in 2016.

Canadian Mushroom Growers Association/Mushrooms Canada is a non-profit organization founded in 1955, comprised of mushroom growers, processors, spawn makers, suppliers, scientists and other related industries dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh mushrooms in Canada.

This contribution is made through the Growing Forward 2, AgriMarketing Program, a five-year, $341‑million initiative.