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Ghana launches online aquaculture course

Staff Writer | December 12, 2018
Ainoo-Ansah Farms, in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch of South Africa and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana is launching its first online course in aquaculture on 25 January.
Ainoo-Ansah Farms
Africa   Aquaculture is becoming increasingly crucial to African economies
The farm, which is one of Ghana’s best-known tilapia hatcheries – providing fingerling to farmers in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa – has been running training courses for fish farmers for some time, and also provides practical training for aquaculture students at a number of universities.

Aquaculture is becoming increasingly crucial to African economies in recent times.

Fish catches in Africa have declined substantially over the years, and most nations import huge amounts of fish.

Nigeria produces only 1.2 million tonnes of an annual demand of 3.2 million tonnes; Ghana produces only 400,000 tonnes of the 1 million tonnes needed; Kenya produces 150,000 tonnes per year, leaving a supply gap of 800,000 tonnes. And Tanzania only produces 336,000 tonnes out of the annual demand of 730,000 tonnes. Most African countries are therefore implementing strategies to promote aquaculture.

Whilst most fish farmers complain that the main hindrance to their increased production is the high cost of feed, many experts believe that the low level of skills among farmers is the real culprit. Ainoo-Ansah believes that it is time to change this situation.