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Farmers launch massive protest in Uruguay

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Staff Writer | January 24, 2018
Thousands of independent Uruguayan farmers launched on Tuesday a massive protest against the government to demand improvements in conditions to promote profitability in the agricultural sector.
Farmers Uruguay
LatAm   Thousands of independent Uruguayan farmers
Since early January, the producers have been gathering in central Durazno province to stage a series of protests to demand improvements in competitiveness and lower production costs.

On Tuesday, organizers said that more than 15,000 people ultimately will turn out for the demonstrations with the goal of preparing a single document with their proposals to present to the government.

Specifically, the rural sector is demanding cuts in fuel and electricity prices, as well as measures to resolve the country’s lagging exchange rate.

In addition to rural agricultural producers, the huge demonstration includes representatives from industry, workers and retirees who will also add their grievances to those of the farmers.

Among the demonstrators’ demands are improving public safety, cuts to public spending and negotiating foreign trade agreements.