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European MEPs voted to end electrical fishing

Staff Writer | January 18, 2018
Following an angry debate, European MEPs voted to end electrical fishing.
electrical fishing
Fish   402 votes to 232
This was a surprise turn of events, as a vote in favour of an outright ban had been seen as unlikely.

A couple of amendments concerning electrical had been added to a an extensive set of legislation put before the European Parliament that among other things is expected to result in simplified rules concerning fishing gears and minimum landing sizes, while also introducing greater levels of regional flexibility to fisheries regulation within the EU with possibilities opened to tailor regulations to local circumstances, plus regulation designed to outlaw highgrading.

But it was the pulse fishing amendments that everyone was watching out for as MEPs voted in Strasbourg.

The vote followed on from an impassioned debate the previous day, which also follows a long round of campaigning by both opponents and supporters of pulse fishing with passions running high on both sides.

MEPs voted to pass the amendment by 402 votes to 232, with 40 abstentions.

The outcome has been welcomed by green groups and fishermen in France and the UK, but represents a serious blow to the Dutch flatfish sector.

Reactions to the European Parliament’s vote from environmental groups have mainly welcomed this development, while generally condemning the rest of the legislation as a failure to protect stocks and wildlife. ■