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Europe expects dramatic apple season

Staff Writer | June 15, 2017
The extreme weather conditions in April and May led to considerable losses in the harvest of many European crops.
Europe apples
Food production   The German Institute AMI
There are many estimations and predictions, but there is little certainty.

The German institute AMI provided figures and estimated the total European crop this season to be lower than 10 million tons.

Last year the harvest 2016/2017 was estimated at 12 million ton, so that means a decline of 20%.

The German Institute AMI is offering various figures and predicts that the total European harvest this season will fall below 10 million tonnes.

The estimated loss for Poland is 50 to 60%; for Belgium, 65 to 70%; for the Netherlands, 30 to 35%; for Austria, 45 to 50%; for Italy, 20 to 25%, and even in the Balkans the losses will oscillate between 50% and 80%.

Only Spain and the UK recorded no night frosts. In Lake Constance, prospects point to a 70% drop; however, in the north of Germany, there are areas which have had plenty of irrigation and where only a 10% loss is expected.

Prognosfruit will offer more accurate figures in early August.