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Ecuador demands the WTO withdraw restrictions on its bananas

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 13, 2019
Ecuadorian banana exports to Brazil were suspended by a judicial decision in February 26, 2019, after Brazil opened its market to these exports in December 2017.
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Ecuador demanded the World Trade Organization, WTO, withdraw the restriction measures imposed by Brazil on Ecuadorian bananas, alleging there was no justification for the commercial suspension.

Initially, Brazil made an attempt to explain the restriction as a blockade carried out for phytosanitary reasons.

According to the Government of Ecuador, the decision was taken without any scientific evidence to justify it and unilaterally, causing economic losses for Ecuadorian banana producers.

Ecuador's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, together with the Ministries of Foreign Trade, Industries and Productivity, and the Embassy of Ecuador in Brazil have been in charge of managing this crisis.

The delegation of Brazil responsible for this matter assured that it will continue to dialogue with the Ecuadorian authorities, to allow the normalization of the commercial flow.