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EC reinforces potato inspection measures to notify cases of Epitrix

Staff Writer | January 10, 2018
The European Commission (EC) has reinforced the inspection measures established to notify cases of potatoes infested with the Epitrix cucumeris, Epitrix potato, Epitrix subcrinita, and Epitrix tuberis pathogens.
Epitrix potato
Diseases   Notification and demarcation measures
The Official Newspaper of the European Union (DOUE) published on Friday an implementing decision that modifies a previous one to undertake necessary changes before new empirical evidence.

According to the text, experience has shown that superficial galleries and small holes that larvae dig under the epidermis of potato tubers are reliable signs of infestation by these organisms.

Therefore, the inspection, notification and demarcation measures shouldn't only be applied when there is a specific presence of the organisms, but also when these signs are simply observed, even if the pathogens are not perceived.