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EC proposes new fishing transparency and monitoring rules

Staff writer ▼ | December 12, 2015
The European Commission has proposed a new system to grant and manage fishing authorisations which will apply to all EU vessels, both inside and outside of union waters.
Fishing boat Europe
Fisheries   Part of the new Common Fisheries policy
The new rules, which are expected to come into effect in 2017, will also apply to international vessels fishing within EU waters.

These regulations form part of the implementation of the new Common Fisheries policy which stipulates that whether they are fishing inside or outside the EU, fishers must be subject to the same rules and standards.

Irrespective of area or legal framework, these vessels will not be able to fish in third country waters or in the high sea unless they have been previously authorised by their flag member state.

To obtain authorisation, they will have to show that they comply with EU criteria including that they have an IMO number, a valid licence and that they have not been found guilty of infringements.

Monitoring the activities of the EU fishing fleet is an important part of promoting sustainable fishing and combating illegal operations.

It is believed that having all vessels subject to the same rules will add clarity and fairness, even in the case of private licensing and reflagging.

Making some of the vessels’ information public will also help citizens have a better understanding of where and how their fish was caught. ■