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EC offers further support to European farmers dealing with droughts

Staff Writer | August 3, 2018
The European Commission announced it was standing by Europe's farmers this summer and helping them grapple with the difficulties caused by the recent extreme weather conditions.
European farmers
Europe   Two specific decisions have been taken to help farmers
Two specific decisions have been taken to help farmers deal with the drought: firstly farmers will be able to receive their direct and rural development payments in advance and secondly, they will also be granted more flexibility to use land that would normally not be used for production, in order to feed their animals.

Higher advanced payments: farmers will be able to receive up to 70% of their direct payment and 85% of payments under rural development already as of mid-October 2018 instead of waiting until December to improve their cash flow situation.

Derogations from specific greening requirements, namely crop diversification and ecological focus area rules on land lying fallow, to allow such land to be used for the production of animal feed.

Consideration is also being given to the adoption of further derogations to greening to allow farmers more flexibility to produce fodder. These measures will be of particular benefit to livestock farmers.