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Danish fish feed manufacturer Aller Aqua phases out use of South American soy

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 12, 2020
Aller Aqua wants customers to have high quality feeds with stable performance, but also with minimal environmental impact.
Aller Aqua
Food in Denmark   Aller Aqua
”In recent years there has been focus on soy produced in South America, and the derived effects thereof, such as deforestation and cultivation methods. In our work to continuously increase sustainability and purchasing raw materials in proximity to our European factories, we will now phase out the use of soy from South America.

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”Our four European factories have already begun this process. In 2019, 50% of the soy we used in our European factories was regionally produced, and during 2020 this number will reach 100%. This is completely in line with EU initiatives supporting increased production of protein crops to increase our self sufficiency – and thereby reduce import.

”We work actively with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in all of our factories. Raw materials are a significant part of the production process in aquafeeds, and it is, therefore, natural to focus on reducing environmental impact here!

”To ensure the largest possible positive impact on our environmental footprint we continuously look at our raw material portfolio. During recent years we have increasingly utilised various byproducts, which, besides reducing waste, maintain the feed quality. We also pride ourselves in having a specialised protein factory in Germany, which produces high value proteins based on local raw materials.

”Additionally, it is positive that aquaculture has one of the lowest CO2 emissions compared to other animal products.” Explains Henrik Halken, Group Vice President, Aller Aqua Group