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Dairy industry launches antibiotics stewardship group in UK

Staff Writer | July 10, 2017
Dairy farming groups have launched a new industry-wide Antimicrobial Stewardship Group in the UK.
Dairy industry
Britain   Targets Task Force
The group will set targets on antibiotic use, and develop a strategy for moving towards these targets.

However, antibiotics campaigners have said more fundamental changes are needed to curb use in the sector.

The Stewardship Group brings together members of the farming, processing, veterinary and other ancillary industries, and promises to identify the responsibilities and actions required of different organisations to achieve the targets and monitor progress.

The group’s actual targets are due to be announced in October.

The government has set an average national target for antibiotic use on-farm of 50mg/kg by 2018, though each livestock sector is developing its own objectives through a "Targets Task Force" set up by industry-led drugs group RUMA.

The dairy sector’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Group is being chaired by Di Wastenage, Devon dairy farmer and Council member for the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF).