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Challenging outcome for Scottish fisheries

Staff Writer | December 13, 2017
An additional £44 million of fishing opportunities will be available to Scotland’s industry following the outcome of the annual negotiations in Brussels.
Scottish fisheries
Fish   The overall £440 million package
The overall £440 million package includes strong increases of 38% for North Sea whiting, 20% for monkfish, 22% for North Sea Norway lobster and 26% for west of Scotland haddock.

Encouragingly nine of the 13 stocks the Scottish Government measures its sustainability performance against have been set in line with the maximum sustainable yield (MSY) for 2018, which is the highest possible annual catch that can be sustained over time by keeping the stock at the level producing maximum growth - an increase from 62% in 2017.

An important gain in terms of addressing a major potential choke species under the landing obligation was a new geographic flexibility provision for ling.

This will help the industry deal with shortfalls in the North Sea by allowing them to transfer up to 15% of quota from the west of Scotland if needed.

This is in addition to a 10% increase in the total allowable catch limit for the North Sea which will provide additional relief to quota shortages.