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Canadian Dairy Commission to import 8.8 million pounds of butter

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Staff writer ▼ | December 19, 2015
As of October 2015, The Canadian Dairy Commission's (CDC) Plan A butter stocks were 216 t, down from 253 t at the end of September.
Butter shortage   Overall butter consumption remained stable
Plan B stocks also decreased to 3,287 t at the end of October 2015. Imported butter stocks for the same period were 453 t.

Total demand for the twelve month period ending October 2015 was 332.91 M. kg BF, representing an increase of 0.6% compared to September 2015 and a 3.1% increase compared to October 2014.

Overall butter consumption remained stable from September 2015 to October 2015, and year over year, consumption has increased by about 3%. Additional butter imports and increased milk production at the farm level are being used to alleviate butter supply issues in the industry.

Additional butter imports werere scheduled to arrive in November and December 2015, continuing into the New Year. The imported butter will be distributed in 25-kilogram blocks to industrial users such as bakeries.

The extra foreign butter will more than double butter imports for 2015, which had till now equalled 3,274 tonnes.

Total milk production for the twelve month period ending October 2015 was 4.8% higher than the twelve months ending October 2014. Revised production forecasts indicate that this strong milk production trend will persist throughout the coming months.