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Broccoli market has gone crazy in Spain

Staff Writer | March 30, 2017
Hardly any broccoli is available on the market. When Spanish production areas were flooded during weeks 47 and 48 last year, nothing could be planted.
Broccoli market
Spain   Hardly any broccoli available in coming weeks
"We are now seeing the consequences of that, because broccoli has a production cycle of 100 days,” according to an importer.

"Fortunately, our supplier informed us in time that we were all facing this situation.

"We managed to load some broccoli in the southwest of Spain to fulfil our contracts, but alternatives are limited. Late last year, all of Southern Europe had extreme weather conditions. Italian and Greek broccoli is also very limitedly available," the importer continues.

"Prices are sky-high now, but it’s not much good, because there just isn’t any product, and that affects everyone. For the coming two or three weeks, there will be hardly any Spanish broccoli.

"Then it will be the week before Easter, and activity isn’t very large then in general in Spain. It will be quite a puzzle in coming weeks, in any case."