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Brazil temporarily suspends Uruguayan milk imports

Staff Writer | October 13, 2017
Brazil's Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, announced that the country is suspending imports of Uruguayan milk until producers in the neighbouring can provide assurances of the origin of their products.
Uruguayan milk
Dairy   Milk is the main import in Brazil
According to Maggi, the Brazilian milk sector has been complaining about the quality of Uruguayan products and claiming that producers in the neighbouring country do not have the necessary production to export the current volume of milk to Brazil.

“Organised sectors, producers, unions, associations, federations, all complain heavily about the amount of milk imported from the country, and claim that their production would not be large enough to export as much milk as has arrived in Brazil," he said after meeting with industry representatives.

As has been studied by the Brazilian authorities, the minister said he did not rule out a request to exclude milk from the Mercosur free trade agreement, since Brazilian producers cannot afford the costs of this competition.

“There is general dissatisfaction with the amount of milk imported from Uruguay. The decision is, therefore, a necessity of the national market and serves to give some momentum to the milk sector in Brazil," said the minister.

Milk is the main import in Brazil's trade balance with Uruguay. From January to September, Brazil sold $50.19 million in milk exports, especially to Venezuela, while imports of Uruguayan milk to the country totalled $157.09 million in the same period.