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Brazil government: Beef exports near normal despite meat scandal

Staff Writer | April 5, 2017
Brazilian fresh beef exports fell 2 percent in March from a year ago, according to Trade Ministry data.
Brazil beef
Meat trade   Police have accused mostly inspectors
A government official said the drop was not due to a scandal last month involving alleged corruption by sanitation inspectors.

Brazilian beef exports totaled $404 million last month, the ministry said in a statement on Monday. Pork exports jumped 39 percent to $138 million while chicken exports rose 12 percent to $571 million.

Export prices rose for all three types of meat between 10 percent and 44 percent on an annual basis, helping to compensate an overall fall in shipment volumes in March, according to ministry data.

The steepest volume drop was for beef, which slumped 11.3 percent to 98,200 tons last month in annual terms. Chicken volumes fell 6.8 percent and pork was down 3.35 percent.

Police have accused more than 100 people, mostly inspectors, of taking bribes in exchange for allowing the sale of rancid products, falsifying export documents or failing to inspect meatpacking plants.