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Bolivia to send more bananas, pineapples to Argentina

Staff writer ▼ | February 10, 2016
The deputy minister of Foreign Trade and Integration, Clarems Endara, said the Bolivian government plans to expand the Argentine market for textiles, bananas, pineapple and hearts of palm.
Food trade   Banana exports from Bolivia amounted to $37 million
"We are working to expand production and improve exports of textiles, banana, pineapple and hearts of palm to Argentina," he said.

In 2015, the value of textile exports to the neighboring country amounted to one million dollars while banana exports are expected to reach $41 million, said Endara.

"By October 2015, our banana exports amounted to $37 million, and pineapple exports together with heart of palm exports about 10 million. We expect banana exports to Argentina in 2015 will close at 41 million, i.e. almost 90% of all Bolivian banana exports," he stated.

He also said that, last Monday, he had met in Buenos Aires with the Secretary of Commerce of the Argentine Government, Miguel Braun, and Argentina's Secretary of Foreign Trade, Leyla Nazer to strengthen trade between both countries.

"We are scheduling visits and exchanges between importers from Argentina and Bolivia, which will help us to have higher business intentions and define specific contracts," said Endara.

Bolivia seeks to expand the market for textiles and fruits in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and other neighboring countries that can ensure that Bolivian products arrive in good condition.