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Better than pasteurization: Aussie company patents revolutionary milk treatment

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 2, 2019
Australian dairy company Naturo has patented a process which they say is the industry's biggest breakthrough since pasteurization in 1864, and could see the freshest quality milk ever being exported from Australia.
Australia   The process takes less of a toll on the quality of the milk
Naturo Chief Executive Jeff Hastings told Xinhua that the process allows 100 percent natural milk to stay fresh in the fridge for at least two months without additives or preservatives.

Hastings said that unlike pasteurization which relies on heat to destroy pathogens and only has a shelf life of 14 days, his process takes less of a toll on the quality of the milk creating a better product, with more time to be distributed and consumed.

"It's a far more gentle process and because of the not needing heat in the process, we're able to retain some of the good nutrients of the milk that are normally destroyed through pasteurization," Hastings said.

"We have a higher nutrition or healthier milk product or milk based products and it has a more natural, rich and creamy flavour, closer to raw milk," Hastings said.

The breakthrough means that Aussie milk can be shipped by sea freight rather than by air, around the world, including to major markets in China and across Asia, which will significantly help to reduce costs.

Regulatory body, Dairy Food Safety Victoria, was responsible for validating Naturo's process and said that it passed all tests and has been verified as being equivalent to or better than pasteurization.

Naturo is currently in a capital raising stage in order to build a production facility in Australia but aims to be operational and ready for export by the second half of 2020.