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Best first half year of all time for Norwegian seafood exports

Reading time 2 min     Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 6, 2021
The export value of Norwegian seafood has never been higher in the first half of the year than in 2021.
Norwegian seafood
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In the first six months of the year, Norway exported seafood worth NOK 53.7 billion. This represents a growth in value of just over 1 per cent, or NOK 646 million, when measured against the first half of last year.

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During the corona pandemic, domestic seafood consumption has increased. When the restaurants reopen, this could give a further boost to seafood.

South Korea sees the most substantial increase in export value.

Exports to South Korea have had the most significant value growth in the first half of the year. The total increase was NOK 358 million to NOK 1.9 billion. Salmon, mackerel and king crab are the species that have increased the most in this market.

The most significant value growth has been for the crustacean product category. Growth in the first half of the year was NOK 698 million, against a total export value of NOK 1.7 billion.

Although Norwegian seafood exports are generally doing very well, some species and categories also face demanding market conditions. Cod has experienced the most significant decline in export value in the first half of the year, with a fall of 8 per cent, or NOK 441 million, compared to last year.

Salmon exports in June have shown a positive development compared with the same month last year.

On average, the price for fresh trout was NOK 1.21 higher than for fresh salmon in the first half of the year.

Cod is the species that has seen the most significant decline in export value in the first half of the year. Export value is almost equally split between fresh, frozen, and conventional (salted fish, clipfish and stockfish) varieties, with NOK 1.764 billion, NOK 1.758 billion, and NOK 1.731 billion.

For clipfish, there has been significant variation in export performance between different species. The export volume of cod clipfish, which has the highest price, has decreased by 4 per cent. On the other hand, saithe and ling have a volume growth of 4 and 93 per cent, respectively.





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