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Belarus' food exports up 5.3% in 2018

Staff Writer | February 8, 2019
In 2018, Belarus' food exports went up by 5.3% from 2017, Aleksei Bogdanov, Head of the Central Office for Foreign Economic Activities of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry, told a press briefing.
Belarus food
Europe   Belarus earned $263.7 million more in currency earnings than in 2017
"Last year the export of the Belarusian agricultural produce and food products increased by 5.3% year-on-year to make up $5.235 billion, BelTA has learned.

"Belarus earned $263.7 million more in currency earnings than in 2017, despite a complicated situation with dairy prices, complex market conditions and unfavorable weather.

"We managed to compensate it with increasing the volumes of meat and dairy exports.

"Belarus supplied 4.222 million tonnes of dairy products and 370,000 tonnes of meat. The export of meat and dairy products reached almost $3 billion. Meat exports grew 8.2% in monetary terms to approach $1 billion.

"The export of dairy products made up $2.03 billion,” Aleksei Bogdanov said. In 2018 Belarus exported agricultural products and food to 95 countries. The country shipped dairy products to 55 countries, meat products to 19 markets.

"Russia's share in Belarus' total food exports decreased by 6.3% down to 79% in 2018 thanks to the export diversification efforts in Belarus. We were able to increase exports to non-CIS countries by 66.7%. Exports to Asia and Oceania rose 2.2 times to total $151.4 million. China is a special priority for us.

"The free trade agreement with Vietnam that we have signed within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union is a big positive contributor. Exports to Africa surged five times to total $8.7 million.

"Exports to America ballooned by 48% to reach $9.1 million (to the United States by 21%, to Venezuela 10 times). Deliveries to the EU rose by 66.6% to $233.5 million," Aleksei Bogdanov said.